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infected cartilage piercing?

So, I got my cartilage piercing on April 2nd, abit over 3 months ago.. and my right ear cartilage piercing got infected and i had to take the earing out and let the hole close up. Now, my left cartilage piercing is actng up. My ear is hurting and is bleeding :-/
When i twist the earing it stings and wont turn easily.. and the blood drys up and gets crusty... What should I do??
I put neosprin on it. I clean it with the solution I got and then put the neospin on.
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Sounds like you are going to have to take out this earring as well.  In my opinion it is infected.  Piercing cartilage is a tricky one; doesn't heal very well.  

Secondly, I would recommend your physician assessing the ear.  
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if the peircing was dont at a mall with a gun and not a needle this problem will continue for 12 to 24 months if your cartalige was shattered by the gun though if this is the case the crusting and uneasy truning is normal. i suggest taking it out if it was done with a gun and getting it redone in about 4 to 8 monthswith a needle or geting a hypoallergenic stainless steel earing that will turn easier because the blood wont stick to it.
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I pierced my cartilage and had the same thing happen. I would definately take it out, clean it and use neosporin. To me the pain was not worth  the look. When mine healed there is a little bump where it was. I just chalked it up to there are some people who are more sensitive than others and can't wear a cartilage piercing unfortunately we are those people.
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