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inflamed axilary lymph node with multipal symptoms

Hello, I am 17 years old. For about 3 week I've had a lump in side of my armpit that has grown very fast in width and is very painful. I have been to the doctors for it twice and was given antibiotics that seem to only have hardened it up (which concerns me). The first time I went to the doctors which was when they gave me the antibiotics a week ago it was around 3 cm. I just went again, due to my realization of 100.5 fever, and its at 4cm. So they've scheduled a surgery appt for Tuesday to get the thing cut out and biopsy'd on.

Lately I've also noticed I've been coughing very frequently this past week (I rarely ever feel like I actually need to cough) which didn't faze me to tell the doctor about while there. I have also had a low grade fever since before Halloween of 99.0-100.4 degrees. And I've been very lazy and tired this month too. I'm not feeling very well and I'm just wondering if anyone has an idea of whats going on at all.

Also, the first doc appt they ruled out that it does not have any liquid or puss in it because they attempted to drain it with an incision. They obviously have no clue what it because they keep calling it just an abscess, a cyst, enlarged lymph node, infection, lump. No real diagnosis answer till its dissected and looked at.

OH and also...It's NOT pink...
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Well, sounds like you are on the right course.  Please keep us posted about the findings after the biopsy; the biopsy should definitely help with diagnosis.
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Everything sounds appropriate.  Keep us posted.  
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From what I have read and know Cat Scratch Disease can take a while to go away;worst case senario 12 to 24 months with swollen lymph nodes.

Secondly, are you seeing an Infectious Disease specialist for this?  
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