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is that Chrni Pharyngitis ?

Hi guys,
I am 26, non-smoking, non-drinking male.
Recently, I do not feel comfortable for my throat, it feels like something stuck there. While I am eating food that feeling disappears.

no cough , no pain in my throat,
In the morning, feel dry fetching and always want to my throat, and some yellow-white phlegm when I wake up.
In the daytime, still have the "stuck" feeling in throat, and some spit out white-clear phlegm.
In the nighttime, it is almost same as daytime.

Over all,  It is really annoying feeling, I do not know how to get rid of it.
Any suggestions will be welcome

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You may have LPRD, Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease.  May I suggest you visit an ear, nose, and throat specialist to take a look at your throat for evidence of this problem or set up an appointment with a gastrointestinal specialist, who may want to do an upper endoscopy to look for signs of acid reflux?  There is also a BRAVO test that can be done in conjuction with an EGD (upper endoscopy where they go down as far as the duodenum), where a little device is temporarily implanted and you have an event monitor, much like an event holtor monitor test.  You push a button when you are experiencing your symptoms.  They can see if you are having acid reflux with this test and the implant soon passes from your body and is eliminated by your bowels.  (See private message for more info on LPRD)  Also, it mightn't hurt to see an allergist about the phlegm because mucous from allergies can exacerbate reflux symptoms, I believe.
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If you can't do all the above diagnostics, you might want to stop consuming dairy products and see if the reduction of phlegm this causes will help your symptoms.  
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Maybe you have strep throat.  I had it several times and have had that feeling.  Go to a clinic or some place like that.  You just need a throat culture done.  That is what I suggest.
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