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itching skin causing bruises

my skin has been itching for the past couple of weeks now and it has been causing brusies all over my legs and the itching can be really bad, wat would be the cause of this?
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Hi i would go and get a liver test a soon as possible.
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i have itchy legs also that i scratch, i look like im mule kicking my leg as i use the heel of my left foot to scratch which takes off layers of skin, i just had a blood test and my results did not show liver problems so what else

i have a scar on my right leg from as i call it mule kicking once they heal i can go for days with out it itching then all at once im kicking again, but i find that its from the heat and moisture in the air at my work when im home with my legs free to the air im fine if i get to hot and sweaty then im itchy
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Do you have varicose(bulging) veins by any chance? I do and sometimes they itch and I scratch them to the point of bruising.
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