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itchy legs and arms after shower

Is there any thing over the counter that will help this?
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Hi you may suffer with dry skin , go to a Pharmacy and buy a good moisturizer for you body , that will stop the itching , Take care ,  
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It should just be dry sensitive skin. I have the same problems. You may even be allergic to different soaps, even if you never were before. I use 100% shea butter which I buy off eBay. When drying off pat yourself dry but not completely and apply the shea butter. Hope this helps.
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if u have this problem regularly the u need to oil ur body before taking shower,try to avoid moisturizer because they have camical that will only help temporarily...if u massage ur body with good oil before taking bath,,the problem will solve frm the 1st go..
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My husband has this same problem. If he lets his legs air dry and waits to get dressed until he is completely dry he is ok. He does not have dry skin. He said this has been happening since he was a kid. It seems weird but at least he has figured out a way to keep it from bothering him. Don't know if this is a nerve thing or what?
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Hi there.  I had such dry skin at one point due to a thyroid issue that I saw a dermatologist for it.  I was recommended a product that at the time I saw the doctor, was prescription only and is now over the counter and usually with other moisturizers at the grocery store.  It is called Amlactin.  and is a white bottle with a green lid.  It costs more than other lotions, but again---  it used to be prescription only and is something derms recommend to 'treat' dry skin.  Put it on right after you get out of the shower.  It does work really well.

My oldest son is a swimmer and practices 5 times a week.  he has meets that are 4 hours long.  His poor skin sure takes a beating.  It gets very dry and chaffed.  I use the amlactin for him as well as this thick cream that comes in a tub called Eucerin.  It's almost like a super thick vasoline.  He puts it on before bed.  It's a bit greasy unless you work it in really well but it does really work well.  

So, those are basic skin care recommendations BUT, have you had a physical lately?  Sometimes itchy legs can be a sign of an issue with your kidney.  I recommend a physical just to rule that out.  good luck

good luck
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