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kidney pain (i think)

i think something is wrong with my kidneys. i have been having pain for several day. if i do have a kidney infection, is there something i can take at home instead of going to see a doctor?
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No you cannot take something at home if you have a kidney infection. You must go to your doctor, get tested and take antibiotics. I implore you to go as soon as possible. You wouldn't want to damage your kidneys or have the infection spread and get into your blood. It can be very dangerous. You have been in pain much to long and I would honestly think about visiting the ER until you can follow up with your regular doc on Monday.

You didn't mention any other symptoms, but one way you can get a kidney infection is from having a urinary tract infection. Constant and strong urge to urinate with little to no urine passing and when it does, it burns. Please go seek medical attention as soon as possible. You are past the stage of effective home remedies.

Best of luck
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Need to be drinking lots of water and maybe a few glasses of cranberry juice.  This might help.  Stay away from ibuprofen as the kidneys can't break this down easily.  If it doesn't get better, getting a prescription will be a lot cheaper than a hospital stay for kidney damage.  Be careful.  Untreated kidney infections can make you really ill (like ICU ill).
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No. Real kidney infections need intravenous antibiotics, and certainly shouldn't be treated at home.
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well i do suffer from kidney infections alot , im irish and if you cant afford or dont have time to go to a doctor , in my experience cranberry juice and barley juice helps ease the pain and hot water bottle also really helps , and you should avoid sitting on cold areas .. It works for me but if you should seek a doctor if it gets any worse,:)
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my side just started hurting one day. this didn't start off with a urinary track infection. and what is werid i do drink a lot of water.
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