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low pth

Im a 50 year old female with kidney stones sence i was 16 i have high blood pressure, hair thinning,loss of energy, cant concentrate, depression, osteoporosis, cant sleep, memory loss, heart palpitations, headaches, gastric acid, myasthenia gravis, bone pain,low vitamin D of 9.9 , pth of 16, blood calcium of 10.7 , blood in urine, i have 5 broken bones for 4 monthes that will not heal I have to keep my foot in a bone healing machine for 10 hours a day and my bones still wont heal, I have 1 break in my left foot, and my tail bone is broken my family Doctor wants to give me more calcium and more vitamin D is this a good idea? He keeps telling me everything is fine mean while i keep getting sicker. Any advice?
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My goodness, you poor thing, you really have a list of health issues. Gosh. Well, I would start by taking a good, food grade, multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Extra Calcium and Vitamin are good studies show that almost everyone is deficient in this vitamin, I am, I take 5000IU a day via a liquid preparation. This, with the calcium and good supplements might help your bone issues and other issues such as the palpitations, depression, headache and bone pain. Has he prescribed a DEXA Scan for you. This is a bone scan x-ray that will show just how serious your Vitamin D deficiency is and also calcium deficiency. It takes a little over an hour. I would ask him for one if he has not done this, otherwise, he is just guessing as to what it wrong, blood work is great, but, having pictures is better.

Also, after these tests are done, and you both know more, I would see a good, chiropractor, they can sometimes help with the headaches, insomnia, palpitations, etc. When I have these problems, I see mine, and I usually am better afterwords. They also help with depression and the bone ache as well. However, I would get the DEXA Scan before you do anything else and also start the vitamins/minerals.
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