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lower back, hips and hamstrings/ thighs


I have a problem with my lower back, hips and hamstrings/ thighs. I am 33 and exercise regularly [own body strength training – no weights and stretching], about 5/6 times a week for between 20/30 minutes. However whenever I run for sustained periods of time my hamstrings/ thighs feel very tight and my left hamstrings feels like it is about to tear. I cannot sprint much anymore, and my body has really gotten worse over the last 5/6 months. For a couple of days after running I get pains in my lower back, hips, thighs and hamstrings.  A couple of months ago I could sprint/ run for sustained periods but would experience pain for a couple of days afterwards.
Can you advise what I should do.
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I'm 22 years old. I'm not an expert or anything but I had slipped disc and i tolerate it for a year and it was hell for me. I did everything i could physiotherapy exercises, acupuncture nothing worked so I ended up with surgery. after 1 month bed rest i got better but Dr. warns me about lifting heavy weights, sprint etc. so i did nothing for 2 years except walking and then after 2 years I'm started doing light exercises at gym for my lower back, thighs, legs pretty much everything but with light weights.After a  year I got fit and now I'm doing pretty much every exercise 5 times a week for 2 hours including everything stretch[daily], lower back exercise[daily],squats[daily], upper body exercises[4 times a week].

I think you need to strengthen and build muscles for your lower back and legs a by some exercises such as upper abs half crunches[not lower abs], superman exercise, one leg raise exercise straight, right sided and left sided, squats but with straight back. Stretching is very important if you ask me. you need to do stretching exercises and lower back exercises daily for 30 minutes [start with 10 counts and after that 25-30 counts for each], Stretching includes such as full hamstring and calf stretch[ start with 10 counts and after that 20 counts for each]. just give it a rest at running or jogging for a while just walk 4-5 miles.

If you're experiencing severe pain in your lower back you need to immediately see a Doctor [neurologist].

I hope this will help you....Good Luck and get better!!!
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have experienced pain on left side hip-lower back and leg for almost year and a half, did ultrasound, xrays - all ok
only hamstrings were pulled left side due to long over of sitting, rigorous exercise in gym and aerobic dance
so I stopped all these activities for  a while, and developed below relax xhedule to recover pai
I went for massage at local spa - recently got deep tissue massage on whole body especially hip, lower back, left leg until the flat feet
Also did few treatment of accupressure almost continuing for 3 months now and pain has vanished

I added meditation, breathing exercises 3 times a day sitting n yr office chair gives relaxation and breath thru one nostril release thru other 15 min, each time
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