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daughter is 15 yrs she suffers from sinus. i want to know if it is complitly  currable as the medication is not working
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Check out if it could be environmental , many here in The US are having symtoms of sinusitis, head aches, fatigue , sneezing, itchy sore eys ..aroun dthe world they are spraying us, you will see the chem trails in the sky, in California we are being bombarded, they have taken soil and ground water to test ,the list of chemicals being sprayed is astounding.and many have these symptome, if you want to know more a member called ginger899 has a journal up with links .
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Sinusitis symptoms like facial pain, nasal congestion, and nasal discharge for more than 10 to 14 days, you should see your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe a combination of treatments that involve medications along with self-care measures you can take at home for sinus relief. These include:
Hydration. Drinking plenty of water can help thin the mucus in your nose and sinuses. Staying hydrated can help your sinuses drain properly and may prevent a bacterial infection.
Rest. When you're fighting a sinus infection or just a common cold, it's important to get plenty of rest.
Steam inhalation. Using a humidifier or standing in a hot shower can help loosen thick secretions in your nose and sinuses.
Nasal sprays. Over-the-counter saltwater nasal sprays or drops can help clear your nose and sinuses and keep them moist. Your doctor may also suggest that you use a decongestant nasal spray for a short time. Be careful, though, not to overuse such sprays — you can become dependent on them. Your doctor may prescribe a steroid nasal spray to help reduce swelling in your nose and sinuses.
Allergy medications. If allergies are contributing to your symptoms of sinusitis, you may need oral antihistamine medications along with a steroid nasal spray. Your doctor may suggest allergy testing to identify your allergy triggers. In some cases, starting allergy shots (immunotherapy) may help control future bouts of sinusitis.
Sinusitis medications. Decongestants and medications that break down mucus secretions (mucolytics) can be helpful for sinus relief. If you experience symptoms of sinus infection for more than 10 to 14 days, your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic.
Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis
"Many things should be considered when treating chronic sinusitis," says Mark A. Zacharek, MD, residency program director in the department of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.
"A person with symptoms of chronic sinusitis should be thoroughly evaluated with allergy testing and an extensive history and physical examination," Dr. Zacharek says. Treatment may include a four- to six-week course of oral antibiotics, oral steroids, topical nasal steroids, sinus irrigation with sterile saline, and other therapies, such as decongestants and drugs to break down mucus.
Antibiotics. Antibiotic medications that can eliminate a wide range of bacteria may be used to treat chronic sinusitis. These "broad spectrum” antibiotics may be continued for several weeks or months.
CT scan. A CT scan of the sinuses may be necessary, but only after initial treatment options have been tried. This is a type of X-ray that can show whether any obstruction in your nose or nasal area is keeping your sinuses from draining properly. Other diagnostic tools include nasal endoscopy to look at the inside of your sinuses, and nasal cultures to determine possible bacterial causes of sinusitis.
Sinus surgery. "People with chronic sinus infections that don't respond to common treatment tactics and who have persistent disease upon a CT scan may be possible candidates for surgery," Zacharek says. A procedure called functional endoscopic sinus surgery allows an ear, nose, and throat surgeon to look into your sinuses with a small telescope, remove diseased tissue, and create new openings so that your sinuses drain into your nose better. "Endoscopic sinus surgery is the most common type of procedure offered for people with chronic sinusitis," says Zacharek.
If you have cold or allergy symptoms  such as nasal congestion, nasal discharge, facial pain, and headache that have lasted more than 10 days, consult your doctor. Although acute sinusitis usually responds to simple sinusitis treatments and at-home remedies, chronic sinusitis may require more significant medical treatment for sinus relief.
Eucalyptus globulus is better known as the dried leaves of the eucalyptus tree. It is useful for treating respiratory problems including chest congestion, bronchitis, bronchial cough and sinusitis, as well as sore throat and laryngitis. Likewise, eucalyptus is a natural antibacterial agent. A small handful of whole leaves or a small amount of the essential oils in boiling water is effective for twice-daily steam inhalations. You can apply rubs as needed to the chest and throat or - cautiously - around nostrils to ease congestion. When buying eucalyptus products, choose oils containing 100% pure eucalyptus or at least 55% eucalyptol.
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yea they can fix im only 20 and had the same problem a few years back they can do sugery you know on her tonsil and some other things and she should be fine i was bout the same age as your daughter when i had my suergy for mine
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