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multiple symptoms!

I have been experiencing facial pressure and pain located mostly around eyes and nose. My eyes are dry and itchy, my head feels full like there is pressure. My ear hurts and I've been dizzy. I don't think I have a fever I always run a little warm. I've had a bit of mucus and some blood mucus. Does this sound like allergies or something more serious?
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Hello.  I'm so sorry that you're not feeling very well.I'm no doctor but your combination of symptoms sounds like a sinus infection with the possibility of an ear infection as well.  Allergies could lead you to these same afflictions.

  The best action for you to take is to see a dr. and let them determine what you have and treat you accortdingly.

  I sure hope you feel better soon.


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It is most likely a sinus infection or allergies or even a cold. The blood is most likely coming from congestion in your sinuses that are inflamed. Try putting a heat pad or if you don't have a heat pad use a clean sock filled with dry white rice and tie it off so it won't spill out of the sock and put it in the microwave until it's warm. Check to make sure it's not too hot and lay it on your forehead by your nose and eyes where the pressure is. I would also get an appointment with the Dr so if it is a sinus infection instead of a cold or allergies they can give you an antibiotic or if it's allergies or a cold they can still give you something to help. I have had some streaks of bright red blood in my mucous before when I had a sinus infection or a cold. A small amount of blood streaking the mucous isn't anything to be alarmed about but if it is a lot or causing nose bleeds I would go to an ER or urgent treatment clinic ASAP. Vapor rub or better yet a vaporizer will also help to relieve some of the congestion and pressure.
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It definitely sounds like allergies or sinus issues, and it's very possible you have a combination of both. I do and it's a REAL challenge for my ENT to get me free of the facial pressure and pain, the stuffed and runny nose, the ear involvement, the upper jaw pain and the itchy, watery eyes. There are times I'd like to just pop my head off my shoulders and get a new one!
A little bit of blood in your mucus discharge is nothing to worry about as long as it's just a small amount. This happens from the irritation, inflammation and constant blowing of your nose which can rupture the tiny blood vessels. Worry about it when and if you have a nosebleed that you cannot get to stop.
When your head, sinuses, ears and eyes are all involved, it is very common to feel some dizziness.
I would suggest you see an ENT to help you but if you feel dizzy, please have someone else drive you to your appointment.
I seriously doubt it is anything more serious than what I've described, but I am not a doctor and that is who you need to see.
I really understand how miserable all this can make you. Go get it fixed!
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