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need info dont know what is happening to me please any ideals

feel lightheaded severe and incontant urine and now bowle hurt in flank and pelvic area. rt leg weakness, blood pressure elevated. happens all the time, why is this happing what could it be and why dont docs listen anymore. please help me in this understanding.
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You've told doctors you're incontinent, have pelvic pain, and weakness and they haven't done anything?  You should ask to see a neurologist--incontinence can be a sign of nerve issues, and combined with weakness, would definitely be enough to get me into a doctor, even without the other symptoms.  What have you told doctors in the past, and what did they say to you?  Did they actually do an exam (tested reflexes, strength, sensation, looked at you with your clothes off, etc.)?  
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I suggest you go back to your doctor with a list of your problems.  Some doctors will only treat one problem at a time, but sometimes things are connected.  Give the list to your doctor so he can read it, unless he is prepared for you to tell him what your wrote.

Also take a urine sample with you when you go.

With the lighheadedness and urinary problem you are experiencing, this could be a urinary tract infection.  Lightheadedness with no other symptoms would indicate possible hypertension (high blood pressure).

With the symptoms you describe and the pelvic floor area pain, you may have kidney stones.  That is why it is important to get the urine checked and ask the doctor to do a kidney function test and also record your blood pressure and possibly send you for an ultra sound of the urinary tract.  If your blood pressure is elevated over a course of 3 weeks with other causes being ruled out, the doctor may put you on medication for this.

Men who get symptoms like the ones you describe could also be related to prostate problems.

Your bowel problem may be linked to the above, or simply that your dietary fibre is not adequate.  Make sure you eat a good balanced diet with fruit and veg and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Drinking plenty of water will also help with your urinary and bowel problems.  Two to 3 litres of water is usually recommended, but if you sweat, it is hot, and you work out, your intake may be more.  

Of course, I do not know if you suffer from Coeliac or other bowel problems in which case you will have to be careful with regard to eating a lot of fibre and gluten containing products like bread, biscuits and so on.

Urinary tract infections can make your feel lightheaded as will dehydration.

Hope you get sorted out soon.

Best wishes.

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I have told them about the leg weakness bowel issues, and urine incontance, also the light headedness the high blood pressure the tremors in the left hand so bad sometimes i cant hold a fork. all they want to do is ignore it mostley. or doctor it up with diapers it really *****.
also lightheadednes they are saying is due to blood pressure, all test from nero came back negitive had three spinal taps and so on. very notifiable weakness in the left leg, also nerve test with needle poked in me came back good so they are saying psycoliological or in my head wich is total bull **** never had this issues before. that is why i am so frustated with doc lately.
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i have tested negitive for stones and infection. and been told by docs it is phycological or in my head. wich is bull crap never peed or pooped my self before all this
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Sorry to hear that you seem to be getting nowhere with your doctor.

Lightheadedness can be from raised blood pressure.  But also from infections in the urinary tract, throat and ears.  It can also be due to postural hypertension which means if you have arthritis in the neck area of your spine this can cause lightheadness.  Stress and anxiety can cause this too.

Have they checked your faeces or checked your bowels and your urinary flow to find our what is causing this incontinence?  

As you are experiencing problems with your hand shaking and not having the strength to hold a fork, there is clearly something not right.  I can either be from arthritis in the joints, or trapped nerves.  

Has the doctor checked you for Parkinson's carried out tests if you have had a mini stroke?  

Is there a different doctor at the practice that you could see, that could look at your problems from a different angle?

It appears that this particular doctor has told you that your symptosm are  psychological, because he has run out of ideas as to what your underlying problem is.  In my mind you should be referred to a few consultants, one in urology to check your prostate and your urine flow as well as take scans etc. to see what is going on inside your body.

A specialist in bowel problems, an xray of your spine and an MRI or whatever they do to make sure that you do not have a problem with the brain.  

Have you been exposed to any chemicals or poisons before this started?
Try and think back when all these symptoms began to see if you can pinpoint what happened, what you ate, drank, where you in a different country, swam in a lake and so on.

I certainly would not be happy either and understand your frustration.

Best wishes.
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It is pure hell to be dealing with this. i mean for a year now i have seen urlogist, family, internal medicine and neorologist, and even was exsamined at cleaveland clinic for a week test after painful test and nothing have they foud except phycological. they think. really would anyone you know put them selves thru 50 viles of blood untold amount of mri, three very painful spinal taps, pee test embarrisment of having to wear diapers , cat scans, some one having to change you, needles poke all in your legs, arm, but, back, so they can test nerves. would anyone really willingly put themselves thru all this for fun??? I tend to think not. and when you have docs that says i think it is phycological well it outright piised me off!!!!! I know something is not right, i know my body better than any damm doctor, and i have begged and pleaded for help and what do i get???? here is a prescrition for pills and diapers.  I am 38 flippin years old have worked hard rebuilding my home from the floor up working a full time job taking care of four kids and a wife for years, and all the sudden i come to you for help with these issues happening to me and all you can say is it is phycological here are diapers and pills, really no wonder i have contiplated suicide.. I am in a world of **** and cant find help
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I understand how you feel.  It is very hard with all the health problems you are having and looking after your children and wife.  

On another posting, I have read about Diatomaceous Earth which I had never heard about and found  lots of information on Diatomaceous Earth on earthworkshealth web site, there are other sites with information too.  There appear to be lots of benefits in taking the "Earth"  

There appear to be lots of benefits to the body in taking this silica mineral and the information that I have read claim that our bodies are lacking in this mineral.

Because you are having such a lot of health issues, I thought you may be interested in reading about this mineral and giving it some thought as to whether it may help you.  As I have a lot of health problems, I am considering trying it out myself.  I don't think you can get it on prescription.  Probably health shops may sell it and it can also be purchased on line and through Amazon, just make sure you purchase the one intended for human consumption, if you do decide to give it a go.

If you do feel so down because of all these health issues, it may be worth your doctor giving you a prescription for an antidepressant.  It does not make the physical symptoms go away, but it lifts your mood to help you cope with it.  I have had to go on an antidepressant, because I felt like you.

Also counselling may help you think more positively, doesn't help with the physical problems though, but helps with any underlying mental issues.  Unfortunately, stress, anxiety and depression can make physical problems much worse.

Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery
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Don't believe everything you hear on the internet.  Silica is inert, and you don't need it, and in fact breathing the dust is quite bad for you.  Silicone dioxide is sand, and used as an anticaking agent in some foods.  Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of hard shelled algae.  Anything that claims to be a miracle supplement should be viewed with suspicion, and there's absolutely no evidence that silica will do anything good for you.

Shawn: you should see a psychologist, or a psychiatrist who does a lot of psychotherapy.  First, you need to have someone to help you with the feelings stemming from having such a horrible condition, especially the ones making you contemplate suicide.  Second, if your issue (or part of it) IS psychological, you're going to need to do some therapy anyway.  Third, a good psychotherapist (of whatever persuasion) will listen to you, and may be able to help figure out what's wrong.  While it's good they can't find any nerve damage, it's also frustrating to not have a real diagnosis (and I've had EMGs before, and I know how much they hurt).  And they're really not supposed to say it's all psychological without excluding other possibilities first, which it sounds like they haven't.

Which pills did they give you a prescription for?   Can you tell us the full list of tests they did, and what the findings were?  It might let someone get a better idea of what's going on, although it might well be beyond the ability of people here, as most of us aren't doctors of any sort.  You can request a copy of all of your medical records, and they have to give it to you, although you might have to pay a small processing fee.  You might be able to find a health advocate who can help support you for getting a proper diagnosis.  You could also try the Mayo Clinic, which is known for starting from the beginning and really listening to patients and not getting caught up in past misdiagnoses.  They're supposed to be very good at what they do.  
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Thank you "A".  I did some research on more than one website about the silica one of which was Wikipedia and already was aware of what you have written.  It is used in toothpastes as a mild abrasive.

One of the websites that I had read it did  not claim it to be a miracle cure.  I did read that it is extreted out of the body, hence helping to get rid of toxins and also is used to excrete worms and parasites out of the body.

Because it is used in lots of products, like you say, anticaking agent (in salt and flour?), and in cat litter and as a pesticide, and breathing in the silica can damage the avioli which are tiny sacs in the lungs.   I did say that when purchasing this type of product to make sure that it is intended for human consumption and therefore is of high food grade.  The powder is mixed in water being being drunk.

Thank you for your comments though.  
The thing is when one is in a lot of pain and suffering with very little help from the medical profession, one turn to alternative remedies.

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