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not sure what's wrong with my husband. Onset of sepsis?

My husband got in an accident on New Years and ended up with a large chunk of skin missing from his knee. It was scraped to the bone and had to be stitched. It developed an infection around two weeks ago and a week and a half later a doctor recommended we go to the ER for a debridement of the knee. So we did, he ended up staying overnight on an IV and then the Ortho said we could go home (no surgery, no debridement).
My husband continued antibiotics as he was told to and continued a wound care regime as prescribed by the orthopedic doctor. The knee looks just as bad (if not slightly worse) than the day we went to the hospital.

A couple days ago my husband went downhill. He started having a fever of over 100 where he was sweating like a pig, and then his temp would drop into the 96 degree range, where it slowly would climb back up to 100 over a few hours. He got shaky, very very tired, he started feeling confused and disoriented, and he became somewhat irritated over little things.
He hasn't had a fever since last night, but his temperature keeps going between below 96.8 and then back into the 98 range. All he's done the last couple days is sleep. Any time he starts walking around he gets sweaty and feels like he's burning up, despite not having a fever. He's still shaky, runs out of breath easily, and still feels somewhat disoriented. Last night he broke out in a horrible rash, which has subsided. However wherever he touched (like scratches or rubs or something) still burns and hurts.

My thought all day has been onset of sepsis (from the infection spreading from his knee) but his knee isn't oozy or filled with puss, just has an angry red area around the wound. I've checked his heart rate and blood pressure and it's all indicative that he's not septic. Something is very clearly wrong but I don't know what it could possibly be. There's no symptoms like stomach problems or a cough or anything to think that maybe he's coming down with a cold or the flu.

I just don't know what to do. Any advice on what he could be going through would be appreciated. Sorry for the crazy long post.
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I would definitely call the ortho and let him know about these symptoms. If he's unwilling to help him I would suggest urgent care or the ER. Like you said, something is clearly wrong. It may be that he's resistant to antibiotics or something imbedded deeply into his knee during the accident. Red angry sores, disoriented and fever are all concerning symptoms. Hope he gets the care he needs asap!! Best of luck

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