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occasional chest pain left side

I have been experiencing an odd chest pain from time to time that's always in the same general area on the left side of my chest. Sometimes when i breathe in normally ill get this terrible stabbing pain that comes out of nowhere. The pain only occurs when inhaling and not exhaling. The only way it goes away is if i take a deep breath which at first causes more and more pain as i breathe deeper. once i hit a certain point of breathing in deeply the pain just disappears. This has happened once in a while for the last few years. its not every day but the pain is certainly intense when it does happen. Has anyone experienced a similar issue or have a clue what could be causing this?
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Hey I have the exact same thing happen to me.have you found out anything
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I was going to say it could be pleurisy because you can get bad stabbing pain from that. It is usually in between the ribs though and when you breath in. But it usually doesn't disappear when you get to a certain point I don't think. I have had it and I don't recall it doing that. Also, it usually isn't chronic but then it can be. It could be since you have had it off an on a chronic form of "walking pneumonia" caused by a bacteria called Mycoplasma pneumoniae or sometimes you can get it from Chlamydia pneumoniae. Pleuracy itself is inflammation in between the ribs and the chest wall. Sometimes if you have a dry hacking cough and a low grade fever it can be the Mycoplamsa. These  all can be chronic and you can get them on and off. It depends on if you are low in immunity. The doctor can listen to your chest and see if you have this. You may or may not be given antibiotics for it. Since you have had it for a long time they might.  Another possibility is that you might have an arrhythmia.  Sometimes you don't know you have these and you might drink a lot of coffee or caffeine that time or period of time and or have a lot of stress and it will set it off. Whether inhaling would do this I have my doubts. I have an arrhythmia and I got it after taking a muscle relaxant and then caffeine and Coenzyme Q10 and some other things like Carnitine supplements aggravate it a lot. So I had a EKG and a echocardiogram and a 24 hour monitor to check it all out. The only thing that was positive was the 24 hour monitor and I had a benign arrhythmia that felt sometimes like a stabbing pain and a flutter or skipping a heart beat. It doesn't sound like you have that.  The last thing I get stabbing pain with is GERD. I get bad stabbing chest pain with gas pain due to GERD. I don't get it all the time it is once in a while and not necessarily when I breath in. It is when I lay down. I don't know which one it is you have if any. But these are some suggestions for you. It sounds most like the pleuracy.  Let me know what the doctor says if you go in.
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Hello~I would say you have some misplaced vertebrae in the area of your ribs, maybe even a form of costochondritis. I would suggest seeing a chiropractor, he/she will take some x-rays to determine what areas are affected. After some adjustment, you should start feeling better.
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