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pain and discomfor

I am tired and at my breaking point.  I have had upper right quadrant pain generating into my back up up into my right shoulder blade area for close to a year now - they have removed my gallbladder and still no relief.  I get these serious bouts of pain and at time go for days without eating - I have presented to numerous doctors and have been labeled a "drug seeker" in local emergency rooms which I am not - i just want the pain and severe diarrhea and vomiting to go away.... can anyone help me
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If you ahve already had your gall bladder out, and you are still having upper right quadrant pain you need to have some labs done.

If you do not have a primary care physician, please select one and bring your history to him. Work with him or her to try and find the correct diagnosis.  

One thing they will do (should do?) is blood work to check your vitamins, AST, ALT, hormones, and blood levels. What YOU should do in the mean time is track your diet/intake, and how you feel afterwards.  Note anything that exacerbates your problem, as well as anything that alleviates it.  

I know when you're feeling like crap you don't want to eat.... especially when you're throwing up.  Try to eat small frequent meals  - they tend to cause less upset, and if you DO throw up, there will be less to bring back up.

Try eating a low fat diet and see if that helps. Because you have no gallbladd now, fat is extremely difficult for your body to break down.  you may find you have a lot less pain once you eat extremely low fat.

Other things it could be is a blockage or narrowing or twisting of your intesting.  It could also be a lack of peristalsis.  I had a friend who's duodenum randomly stopped working at one point. She had to go on meds that coordinated the contractions in her gut for a bit, but then it randomly started working again.  It happens.... especially if there is trauma in the area, and you DID have surgery.  Sometimes it takes a LONG time to clear up!

Please please please check in with a doctor!   He or she will have a better idea of what tests to run, and to ensure you're getting the best treatment.  ER staff are not equipped to put together a long history, whereas a PCP can help you track your health and come to the best diagnosis.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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As a medical professional myself, I don't think that you will find the diagnosis you want here. You may find good support, though.
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Have you had your kidney tested? Sometimes it can cause pain that you speak of and can be over looked. Do you take a lot of meds that have tylenol in them? That could also be a factor to look at.

Good luck
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Which "numerous doctors"  have you seen?  
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