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persistant mild nausea

Well most of you know me. I had gastrointestinal issues for a while and had a endo and a colonoscopy at the beginning of April that came out clear with mild redness jn my stomach. Tuesday i had a flare up, bloating and nausea and was having a panic attack becase i was leaving for florida the next day. After a trip to the disney docs, they said my insides were only half full if that and it was anxiety.  Yesterday i could go out and still have fun despite the mild nausea. It would come when i would eat or drink. Today its been real mild. After i at brief and then i hardly notice it.

Could it be a stomach virus at this point that i just need to shake off? My blood work came back ok and iv been taking 40mg of prilosec instead of 20, along with my xanax

Ituesday moening i did take my stool softener with water but got real nauseated on my way to work but it went away.

Im leaning on i prob took too much laculose, 90ml in 6 hours on wednesday or a virus
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Yeah I had similar issues, still do but not like a week ago, how long has this been going on?
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Couple days.  It was severe tuesday and wednesday mild yesterday and even milder today
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Just a quick update. The nausea seems to only last about 10 minutes then it goes back to a low level i tend to not notice as much. Maybe im having a virus of some sort
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It sounds like you might just have been worrying yourself sick. It can happen. Maybe it started out you had a virus or maybe you were stressed back in April, and you got physically sick, and then you started worrying about getting sick again, and worrying and thinking about it made you feel sick. (This is how I caused myself to suffer random stress-diarrhea through half of middle and high school. Self-spawned anxiety is terrible.)

I always get a little nauseous while on vacation as well, and sometimes it lasts the whole trip. It's the stress of being in a new place, or travel. Flight, especially. You might have an anxiety disorder perhaps.

Also a note from experience, my sister is prone to panic attacks. She takes medication to prevent them. For a couple years in college she was convinced she had ulcers because she had chronic abdominal pain. She saw a lot of doctors who all said she was clean and perfectly healthy until someone finally prescribed antidepressants. She doesn't have those problems anymore, with the medication, although she still needs valium to deal with flying in planes.
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