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pet scan confirmed mass in right lung

i had a lung biopsy on Friday morning, can i take an air plane on Monday afternoon and wear compression socks?
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Only your doctor who diagnosed  you will be  able to answer that.  No one here knows  your health staus.  Compression   socks are not compression stockings. They  can   be above the   knee or as high as the  groin   they are put on  while  you are still in bed with your leg raised  and someone  else should put them on  for  you. Never  put them on  after you've walked around the house  or whatever you do in the morning.  Before you do anything  they need to   be put on.  They  can help prevent blood clots. A blood clot  can  travel to your  brain or   your heart and KILL IN A SECOND OR TWO. IS IT WORTH IT?  NO.    CALL YOUR  PHYSICIAN.
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Yes, there is no reason not to fly after a lung biopsy.
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Absolutely agree with gymdandee.  This is definitely a question for your physician.

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Speak to your doctor first! As for the compression stockings ask your doctor what compression size he/she recommends and even when on a plane you should always get up and walk every 1-2 hours.
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