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pressure feeling in right ear

There's an issue with my ear this time. The right ear.  I think another bug crawled up my ear (for like the 3rd time) and I dug in my ear with my finger and q-tips, poured water in it, shook on it, anything to stop the itchy "crawling" feeling in my ear. For about a month and half now its been hurting and itching and now it rings all the time. Also, I hear a rumbling sound whenever I press my finger on my ear and take my finger off as if I'm plunging it. My ear always feels like there's a pressure in it now and it nearly always itches. What could be going on? Did I actually damage my ear drum and will lose the hearing in my right ear? Or is it possible a bug has been in my ear this whole time? I don't feel pain inside it like I usually do whenever there's a bug in there. Also, when I do the plunge like thing with my finger its like my ear opens up and I don't hear the ringing but it closes right back up. Please tell me what you think.
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You state you've had two bugs crawling into your ear and now you fear a third one has. .

With the number of symptoms you have, I would STRONGLY suggest you make an appointment with an ENT and have your ear(s) examined.

You also state that you "dug in my ear with my finger and q-tips." This practice is definitely not recommended by ENT's as it can cause damage not only to the ear drum but the outer ear canal as well.
This is why they say "you should never put anything bigger than your elbow into your ear!"

There are a number of things that could be going on, but only the ENT is going to know conclusively and treat you appropriately.
As for losing some, or all, of your hearing.........that could be of concern if there is an infection that has been left untreated or damage to your ear drum.

I urge you to see an ENT before that happens.
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A  bug crawling inside your ear is not something you should not take seriously. Should have rushed to your doctor the first time it happened. Hope you have the good sense to go have your ears checked now than regret later when something serious has already set in.
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Please see an ear specialist as soon as possible.
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