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At first i was having  weird fellings in my right chest area. the doc said that it is acid building up in my stomach. Then the feelling spread to the other side of my chest area; i also had felling in my back and my throat felt like something was stock in it and i had occassional stiffness.

The doc said that it is my sinus. he gave mme some anitbiotic tabs and some thing upper and lower abdominal inflammation. the felling stopped for a while but then it returned. Also i get a kind of dfeeling in my head, it is not painful but just weird. on the side of my head behind my ears, head, on forehead, my check bones and my nose area between my eyes.

Now i have these spots on the tip of my tongue and afew white patches and my throat feels dry. Yesterday my saliva was quiet white.

I have a daughter who is eight monthes and i'm still breast-feeding her.

Please i welcome your advice

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Hello~It sounds to me like it could be GERD, a hiatal hernia, or a type of sinus infection.

The GERD and hiatal hernia can certainly cause some of the symptoms you mentioned. I suggest you see a gastroenterologist, he/she will be able to help you and probably will do some tests. Yes, acid backup in your throat will cause some of the symptoms as well.
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Thanks i plan on going to one of those soon.
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I agree with SassyLassie.  In the meantime, keep in touch with your doctor and if need be, get a second opinion as it could be something that maybe your doctor has not thought of.  The only thing is that I don't think that would be your sinuses, as your sinuses are located in your head just below your eyes.  So how your sinuses could be involved is a little odd.  Good luck and keep us posted.
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