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right abdominal pain

im having right abdominal pain for weeks..for some time i had fever with shivering esp at nigh..d pain is tolerable but its reoccuring,like d feeling when you have wounds..is it appendicitis?i have hiatal hernia,is it connected to what im feeling right now?thank u
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Any abdominal pain with a fever should be checked out immediately.
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Is the pain just concentrated in your stomach, or have you noticed any pains in your right shoulder? Does the pain start after you have eaten a fatty or greasy food? Are you feeling nauseous, dizzy, bloated, or have headaches that seem to be concentrated behind your right eye? I'm asking all of this because about a year ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with stabbing pains in my right side and my right shoulder, so bad that I passed out 7 times within an hour. I went to the E.R. and the performed a CT scan because my chest hurt. Normally, a CT scan would not catch it, but in my case they found that I had to have my gallbladder removed because of VERY large gallstones.  There are MANY symptoms of gallbladder disease that most people don't relate to their gallbladder, thinking it's indigestion or problems with their digestion system. If the pain continues, I would definately make a trip to the E.R. because it's a relatively easy surgery that is performed by professionals hundreds of times a week. The recovery time is short and the surgery only takes about 30 minutes, with minimal scarring.
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I would go to a doc and get it checked...the recurring pain is sign that something is not right there. So a doc can have a feel of your tummy and around that area and see what they think. Could be something you need medication for so I wouldn't leave it!
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