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sharp jabbing pain

sometimes I get ear infections and when I do I get a sharp jabbing pain often  in my ear not too long ago I was getting that same pain behind my left knee but around a week ago I was getting that pain in my left eye the other day I started getting that pain in the right side of my head   and that pain was server  but before that, it hurt to touch the right side of my face for a few hours I have not got that pain  in the side of my head but now I am feeling that pain  in the right side of my neck can this be something serious why could this be happening I have high blood pressure could it have anything to do with that and why the same kind of pain that I get when I have an ear infection
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Hello~I am sorry you are having these issues. It sounds to me like you may have some misplaced vertebrae in your neck and spine, if this is the case, it could be the cause of the pain you are having. I suggest seeing a good chiropractor, he/she will take some x-rays, study them then go over what they find. A few adjustments should help if this is the cause.

I had a very bad ear infection when I was a child, so bad in fact, that the ENT specialist was going to lance my ear, well, my mom took me to our chiropractor, he worked on it and the next day, it was draining and the pain gone, surgery was cancelled.

I have had other painful issues helped by my chiropractor as well, it is amazing how pinched and misplaced vertebrae can cause so many problems.
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