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someone please help

      I'm a 26 year old male otherwise healthy.  I drink on average 12 beers a day, which i know is not good for me, and on the weekends or get togethers more than that. For the past 4 years I've been having heart palpitations, and a 26 beat run of ventricular tachycardia.  EP dr thought it to be benign, 1 out of 4 EP's I seen wanted me to do the EP study and "possible" ablation.  As far as that goes and testing I've wore holter monitors, ekgs, stress test, stress echo, MRI of the heart, echos, blood work, all normal besides some PVC's, and that run of V-tach.  Now I'm going to go 3 months back.

3 months ago I started having slight headaches, and a weird taste in my mouth everynow and then. It has been getting constantly worse and now I have headaches occasionally and the bad taste in my mouth is there ALL the time, wife says my breath smells bad/weird sometimes with it, its really hard to explain the taste its just very unusual and feels like sometimes its coming from the roof of my mouth. It dont go away no matter how much I brush my teeth.  Sometimes when I go to wash clothes and I'm pouring the powder laundry detergent and I smell the powder, its almost as if you would put some of that in your mouth and it tastes like that all the time though. Thats the best description I can give of the taste. Since this has started about 3 months or less ago, I've also lost about 18 lbs unintentionally. My appetite is not good at all, just no desire to eat. I dont exercise or do anything so that cant be the cause.  I also recently developed these strange muscle spasms/twinges, and muscle cramps everywhere, this started about 3-4 weeks ago, before they started I was having muscle pains in my thighs, and calves, and it would switch from one to the other throughout the day.  I also get them in my arms, and sometimes feels like in my head. I get the twitches everywhere, legs, arms, eye.  And I have musle pains in my legs all day, mainly in back of calves. My urine is ALWAYS very clear, no color to it at all. I'm also constantly fatigued all day, no matter how much I sleep it seems like Im just worn out and tired.  What could all these symptoms be of?  Dr ordered blood work for thyroid,CBC,kidney,liver,electrolytes,B12 all was normal.   Waiting results of heavy metal screening blood work. Seems like my palpitations are getting worse also with it and my chest feels weird at times. Also have been getting like cold sweats and temporary nausea.  Just seems like all the symptoms are becoming more prominant and more often. The leg pain and the bad taste in mouth is the most constant. I know this is a list of things but if anyone has any ideas please let me know.  Thanks so much!
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You are an alcoholic, and should enter a treatment program. You have to stop drinking completely. That's "my idea". Every drink of alcohol destroys brain cells. I really don't know if this destruction is causing you to have headaches, but visit skid-row and watch the dementia and take a guess. The muscle cramps are likely due to calcium, magnesium or potassium depletion.
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You must not be telling your docs how much you are drinking...  Many of your symptoms are classic alcohol/liver issues.  

You're pretty young for a serious liver fibrosis/cirrhosis problem, but alcoholic hepatitis can cause your liver to get fatty, swell and stop working well.  Your liver filters ammonia and other toxins absorbed in your GI tract from your blood before it goes into general circulation.  When this filter gets clogged with fat from excess drinking, toxic blood can get through or even bypass the liver and get into general circulation, causing headaches, anorexia, nausea, bad breath, funny smells in your nose and funny tastes in your mouth, as well as cardiac issues.  

Fatigue and weight loss are both early symptoms of serious liver disease.  Google around on cirrhosis, "early symptoms" and you will see.  

All alcohol is metabolized into "acetaldehyde", a chemical cousin to formaldehyde, and this acetaldehyde is very toxic to muscles, including your heart muscle.  Your cramping may be related to this, or electrolyte imbalance as mentioned above.  

People who drink a lot begin having alcohol withdrawal any time they stop drinking, even for a short time during the day (or night) and cold sweats, nausea and myoclonus or "myoclonic twitch" are symptoms of withdrawal.  

Once you're up to 12 drinks a day, it is very dangerous to stop/quit drinking suddenly and the withdrawal would be very unpleasant.  Your doctor can prescribe benzos (Librium/Valium) to help you detox safely at home, or you can "taper down" or wean your self down slowly over a period of a month or so.  

If you can control your drinking, you may eventually be able to drink again in moderation sometime in the future.  Once you seriously damage your liver, you must quit all alcohol for life, or suffer an early and rather unpleasant death.  Something to think about seriously, and soon.

Good Luck and GodSpeed to you.  
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You might have a lack of sodium in your body. I have had sinus tachycardia and blood pulling in my legs and have been severely dehydrated- even after drinking 8-10 bottles of fluids everyday with clear urine. My cardiologist suggested that I try salt tabs or bouillon cubes to help keep the fluids in my body. Just a though for your doctor...
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what other further liver testing could be done? and if the blood work showed normal wouldnt it be impossible to have liver disease/damage?  please help, since last post ive lost about 5lbs, and the symptoms are still there, especially the really odd taste in my mouth, and muscle pains,twitches, and cramps. mainly in legs. i also had an echocardiogram done again yesterday and my ejection fraction was 68% and he said I had mild/moderate leakage on my tricuspid valve. ALL blood work been normal so far.
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