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sore, swollen glands in neck

I have had sore, swollen glands in my neck for over 3 weeks.  My Dr. agreed they were swollen but ruled out lymphoma as I had had some blood tests but they were done before I had these symptoms.  I don't feel it would be lymphoma, but I thought maybe some kind of virus as I am running a low grade fever from 99.3 to 100.3.  My "normal" is usually 97.  I was taking an antibiotic (Bactrim) for an abscess I had on my buttock caused by a bee sting probably.  Another Dr. took that off, stitched it up and it is fine now.  But this fever and stuffiness in my nose off and on has me very uncomfortable.  I don't feel well when my temp is over 98.  I feel achy and weak, but not sleepy.  Sometimes I feel a bit achy all over too.  Any ideas?

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You have a virus, and an antibiotic will not kill of virus bugs.

You need to eat a healthy and well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of drinks (not alcohol).  Take pain relief as directed for any aches and pains and rest as much as you can.  
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Asked to be checked for Chronic Fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, you are exhibiting signs of both, especially the CFS. Also, sounds a bit like Mono, the Epstein barr blood test will help to determine what is going on.
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