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sore tongue

i have had a sore tongue for 4 years,i have a couple of flair ups a year, iv seen several doctors who have done blood tests and i have been given antibiotic,my dentist has said my teeth and gums are very healthy.all my tests have come back normal,at the moment the tip of my tongue is sore with a little cut,i have been using a antiseptic mouth wash it calmed it down for a little while but its getting sore again,my doctor has said i will have to live with it.can any one help its really getting me down.
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Saw my physician regarding my sore tongue.
He said to rinse with warm water and salt and use a tongue scraper(bacteria) instead of brushing with toothbrush ,which I have been doing.
He said it was most likely caused by too much vigorous brushing of the tongue and all the "whitening" chemicals I had been using that made my tongue sensitive.
I stay away from acidic foods.
I had a complete series of blood work done and there was no medical reason for it.
My oral surgeon said to rinse tongue with an antacid if there's a flareup.
It's better now.
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Hello The blood tests you had ran, do you know if they ever checked your Folic Acid?  It would not be included in a regular CBC or chemistry panel, it would have to be ordered separate.   Folic acid deficiency can cause you to have a sore tongue  

Foods high in Folic acid you might to try to see if it helps are:
Beans and legumes- such as alfalfa, peas, lentils, lupins, soy, and peanuts.
Citrus fruits/juice, whole grains and wheat bran, Dark green leafy vegtables,  Poultry, shellfish and pork, Liver- I personally say YUCK LOL

I hope this helps.  Have A Nice Day!
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i always eat cereals for breakfast,and a sandwich or toast with jam for lunch, then meat, potatoes an veg for dinner,i snack on fruit,soya yogurt,and the odd biscuit.i don't drink coffee or drink alcohol as i don't like the taste,i probably get constipated about once a month for one day,i just put it down to eating junk food like chocolate an crisps,i drink 2Lt's of water an 4/5 cups of tea a day.what is a intestinal test? also i have just started taking yakult and vitamins tablets.i also get teeth marks at the side of my tongue i just want to conger this as they say you are what you eat.
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It is interesting to know about this at the same time I can understand how troublesome this is to 'live with'!!

Please let me know a brief of your diet. Have you got your intestinal tests done? How much coffee do you drink? Alcohol? Do you suffer from constipation?

Parth Adhyaru
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