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still looking for answers.

okay, so i’ve been having. the weirdest & most uncomfortable symptoms lately & i need some insight on what people might think it sounds like, because so far, my doctors haven’t figured anything out. my symptoms are:

brain fog.

heart palpitations.



neck pressure.

tremors inside of head.

my head will jerk by itself.

i see a bunch of different spots in my vision. (stars too)


sensitive to light & noise.

neck pain at times.

sweating alot more than usual.

vibrating sensation inside neck & head.

involuntary rapid eye movement.

feeling of moving when sitting still.

heavy head.

tingling in head & neck.

neck stiffness.

buzzing throughout my whole head & face.

ringing in my ears at times.

stomach issues.

they thought i had vertigo, so i went into PT. but my physical therapist laid me back on the bed, & she said my pupils would dilate & constrict really fast.

i’ve been to a chiropractor & he says my C1 disc is out. we’ve been working on getting it back to normal. could that cause all of these symptoms? i quit going though.
i saw a neurologist & he said it is my muscles.
it’s weird because these symptoms go away when i drink alcohol. i have a spinal tap tomorrow.

i’ve also been having pressure everywhere in my head, my ears, sinuses.
they also say i have low iron & low vitamin D.
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Similar symptoms to what I have had. Have they checked your iron, haemoglobin levels and vitamin B12.
My iron level was 3 (healthy range 20+)
My haemoglobin was 5.2 (healthy range 12-18)
Had a blood transfusion, iron transfusion and a B12 injection and doing much better now.
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Sereatoni shock syndrome or some type of medication interaction. Adderall and Trazadone cane generate a similar response. Look into seratonin shock and then identify all medications and supplements you take to look for interactions and discuss with doctors AND pharmacist. MDMA (ecstasy) has been known to cause this As well for days of weeks after use especially if taken in concert with certain cns stimulants or anti depressant medications.
      But I agre with first response that it could be a myriad of issues and I assume the spinal tap is to rule out meningitis (or test for lsd!) Seratonin Shock Syndrome should be ruled out before a tap...  update us if possible we will be sending positive vibes :)
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i’ve never done any hard drugs like that, lol. but i’ll definitely look into that! thank you!
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That is quite the list!  Possibly it is a few things going on rather than ALL being from one source.  Could you have irregular migraines?  Muscular issues can create that as one possible reasons.  I had some of what you talk about due to issues with a neck injury I had from a car accident.  Small areas start to stiffen such as right behind my ear.  Pain and stiffness then happen going into my neck and up into my head, tension, headache, eye pain, etc.  I've also had inner ear tube, or Eustachian tube dysfunction which causes dizziness, ear fullness, etc.  And honestly, some of what you describe sounds like it could be related to anxiety.  Any of that sound plausible to you?
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i could see why anxiety makes it worse. i think the worst symptom i have is the vision issues & the buzzing throughout my body and head. it’s very scary. feels like i’m gonna have a seizure, but i don’t.
That does sound scary.  I hope you get answers!
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