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stomach pain rapid heartbeat

After I eat I have diarrhea and than feel shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat and sometimes pain in my left elbow when I bend it  and right and left stomach and upper back and sometimes when i lay down i have rapid heartbeat and gas and have to get up 2 or 3 times to go pee and I've layed down and felt hungry when i wasn't and than felt bloated and lightheaded and I've went and had my blood checked and heart enzymes thyroid liver came back normal no problems and upper and lower go and ultrasound and said i had gallstones but thay didn't think i needed to have surgery at that point is their anyone that may know what causes this and I'm on zyprexa citalapram and omeprizol.
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That is anxiety and stress- get it under control now with counseling or seek a psychiatrist to help because in my case, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease due to my uncontrollable stress when I started my hairdressing career.
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you might try some Milk Thistle and Vitamin C for your gallbladder health.

Milk thistle is an anti-toxin and cleans the liver and gallbladder.  vitamin C is a healer.

Good health to you and best wishes...
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Your stomach pain could be due to gas thats moving up, down, left or right. Gas could cause your stomach to be distended and cause some difficult breathing as it could restrict lung. Does it get better after passing gas ? Gall stones could be at times blocking flow of bile, it affects your digestion or non digestion and causes diarrhea, All of these symptoms could be caused by low Magnesiu expansion. 94 % of the populations has been found to be deficient in Magnesium. it could be your answer. Magnesium is involved in 300 body enzyme processes that lack of it causes hundreds of symptoms. Taking Mg regularly will help you go to the bathroom regularly. It could eventually dissolve gall stones, control rapid heart beats, help with light headedness, etc. Please read this Ebook on Magnesium , I will message you.
I wish you good health..
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