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swollen neck after vomiting and have an allergic reaction

so this is the story from the beginning

About 2 weeks ago I guess I developed a uti and got a 10 day medication and for some reason when I started taking it I just started feeling weird but did t think anything of it

On the 9th day of my medication my head felt like it was gna blow up because my throat was so puffed up and the whole day I felt like I couldn't breathe

Keep in mind as well I didn't really eat or drink anything while taking the medication and I kno that was my fault but I've also been running around working two jobs and stressing out a little bit

But the 9th when I felt horrible I went to the immedicenter and the doctor tested for strep throat because this girl I had worked with the previous night had sdeveloped strep throat but it came out negative so he sent out a cotton swab to the lab to see if it was just too early to detect

He did prescribe me a throat bacterial pill for 10 days of moxacilin so when I got the prescription I took one and knocked out ... When I woke up I took the pill of the night for my uti because I didn't know if I should not take it because the doctor djdnt say not to

And right after I felt really itchy but didn't think anything of it ,. I look in the mirror and I'm all red over my body neck chest arms back and I was freaking out

So I took some benedryl and a majority of the redness went away

However I stopped taking both medicines because I'm not sure where the reaction was coming from because it was Sunday nd the doctors and immedicenter are inconveniently closed on Sundays

and that same night I could keep a drop of water in my mouth and was vomiting practically air and the next daymy neck is pretty much swollen and this is where I'm somewhat over reacting

is my neck like that from the straining of vomiting or should I have something to worry about ... You see I tend to overthink a lot of situations so somebody please help me with their thoughts ... Thanks I advance =\  
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Your doctor didn't tell u were allergic to it? Omg you could have died...if this every happens to again don't keep taking something that makes you swell up or break out in a rash ...
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Yea you sound like you are very allergic to one of those medications(sounds like the UTI one), you need to report it to your dr and keep that in mind in case you get either of them prescribed at some point in the future.
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