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throat hurts!

So these past 3 days , my throat's been hurting soooo bad! It happened out of no where when I was laying down. Then my head started hurting reallyyyy bad.
The next day I got up, I felt really weak, didn't want to get ready for school, but still went anyways. I felt like I had a fever , so I literally slept ALL day in school.
The next day didn't go to school cause of it & my throat was worse. It hurts when I swallow. I have gotten these pains, but not as bad as this time!
Now today , the pain is worse. My head & neck hurts, I can barely eat, i feel like throwing up , but can't & i'm just in soooo much pain! I feel like I have a fever, but I know I don't cause when I do, I sleep ALL day ! & I can't sleep now cause my head hurts & I can't get comfortable in a position where my head won't hurt :/
I have told my mom, but she's mad at me cause I missed school these 3 days & she never believes that I have "pain". She thinks it's an excuse so I won't go to school. Even if she can still hear my cracky voice!
What can this be?!
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Hi and sorry your not well. Sounds like youve got the flu. If your mom wont listen to you then go to the school nurse and get checked out. Its terrible not feeling well. You might need some anti biotics.
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Hi, I got the flu a few days ago, but its almost at it end.  The symptoms you are describing are almost the same as mine.  I started having body aches and fatigue.  My Throat started hurting and got a fever.  At the latest stage of the flu is sneezing and runny nose.  The fever is a good thing.  It is you body trying to fight off the illness.  Do not try cough suppressants.  Your body coughs because it is trying to get rid of all the toxins and phlegm if you have any.  Currently I'm taking Hyland's Cold & Cough.  It is a homeopathic medicine which means it works with your body.  After a day of taking this medicine the coughing and and sore throat was diminishing.  You can treat your sore throat also with a mixture of warm water with honey and lemon.  Cinnamon is also good for your throat.  I am also taking Sovereign Silver.  It acts as a natural antibiotics if you do have a throat infection.  It has been doing wonders for me.  Drink plenty of water so you body can flush out the toxins.  Green Tea has also been found to shorten the recovery from the flu or cold.  Vitamin C is another great immune booster.  You can take more than the RDA recommends.  In fact your body needs so much more.  You can't really overdose on Vitamin C since it is a water soluble vitamin.  Your body will just excrete whatever it doesn't use at the end.  I would start off with at least 5,000 mg a day. You can increase the dose as much as your body can tolerate.  You will find out how much you can tolerate by doing a Vitamin C Flush.  I am not a doctor but a I do have a fair amount of knowledge in this area.  Keep me posted about your progress.  Hope this helps.  
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As you have body aches with a fever this may be influenza.

But as you have a very severly painful throat and are having difficulty in swallowing, you may have tonsillitis.  This is an infection of the tonsils, they get swollen so it is painful to swallow.  The feverishness is you body trying to fight the infection.  Tonsillitis will make you feel ill all over.  The fever will also give you the headache.

You need to stay in bed and keep warm to allow your body to fight the bugs.

You can take some pain relief for the pain and you need to drink plenty of warm drinks.  Do not drink milk as this makes mucus.  If you do not feel like eating, that does not matter for a few days as long as you are drinking lots so that you do not become dehydrated.  A warm drink of honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice is good.

Try and persuade your mum to take you to the doctor as you may need a course of antibiotics if you have an infection in the throat or your tonsils are ill.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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