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to much acetaminophen?

I have been prescribed hydrocodone/acetaminophen 7.5/750. I usually break them in half or take 1 throughout the day as prescribed but have been told to take two in severe instances  and did so before going to sleep tonight. At one point I woke up and was in pain and took two more without thinking or realizing that it hadn't been much more than an hour. Within an hour the pain was gone but I have been awake ever since with worry over taking so much acetaminophen. I have an odd feeling in my left leg just above my knee as well as in my left arm. It's been four, almost five hours since I took them but the feeling is still there. Is there cause for alarm?
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I don't know if that's cause for alarm, but I suggest you quit taking the hydrocodone. Ask your doctor about weaning off it to avoid withdrawal. I was on it for less than a month, couldn't cope with thefuzzy-brain side effects and drowsiness. ANd it didn't even work!!!!! Now I'musing ibuprofen, more tan the suggested maximum otc but still less than a prescription dose, and my pan is 90% gone. But I'm in my fourth day of withdrawal, with attacks of weeping and shaky hands so I can't do any precise handwork.
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Not to worry. Excess acetaminophen affects  the liver. Do not exceed 2 grams of acetaminophen daily. In your dose, the "750" means 750 mg. of acetaminophen, so take it accordingly.
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I shouldn't worry at all.  The odd feeling you are experiencing is most probably just anxiety associated with taking too much of your medication.  Two more tablets within a short space of time are unlikely to do any long-term damage.  What may happen is that you experience some nausea and/or abdominal discomfort but even then, that is unlikely.  Relax!!!  :)
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