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to the man who was concerned about his wife w /5'ths disease:

You were concerned about the duration of your wife's pain symptoms and how it didn't necessarily affect her joints as it did her bones themselves.  I came home from the dentist a few weeks ago on a beautiful, sunny day, walking, and was stuck with an overall feeling of uck.  I came home and laid down to find myself with what I thought was the flu or simple fatigue.  It wasn't long before I was in pain from about my kidney area (front and back) down my leg that turned into pain in both legs that left me in bed and hating life for a good 3 or so days. It wasn't joint pain but seemed in my very bones and an intense, dull ache that was akin to growing pains.  I took ibuprophen and doubled-up on my calcium supplements.   I am grateful to say I feel fine now, but I never got a rash and I don't think I ever got a fever or any cold-like symptoms.  Two of my daughters did get fevers and lethargy, one after the other with my 2-yr-old getting the cheek rash (but only occasionally) and she has been super fussy and miserable for almost 7 days now.  I took her in to our pediatrition on Friday and he saw nothing and since the fever was over after the 3'rd day, he was at a loss.  My friend noticed the rash on the cheeks (that seems sun-related) today and diagnosed it.  What I thought might be interesting to you is this article, which was the first thing I read after a Google search that might give you some answers, but not necessarily optomistic ones.  It very specifically points out that the effects of fifths disease can last "years". It seems like a very legitamate site. Sorry. Ihttp://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/bacterial_viral/fifth.html#

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My Fifth's has now lasted 21 months and had to give up my job after 18 years of full time employment.  Energy level low, pain high.  Many pain releivers, low quality of life.  No end in sight.  Sorry to be so pessimistic, just don't want you to think that your wife should just "get over this".  Can be a very serious illness.
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