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upper abdominal pain

i am experiencing severe upper abdominal pain.  I have already had my gall bladder removed so I know thats not it.  Any ideas as to what it might be?  no fever, no vomiting.  just severe pain that is only relieved when i lean forward.  it seems to radiate to my back too, more on my left side.  any advice will help. thanks!
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I have had severe left sided abdominal pain going around to my back.
I was dx with IBS . I do not believe this is IBS . I take antispasmodic medication and does not relieve the pain at all. I had my gallbladder removed a year ago. The pain reminds me of gallbladder pain but on left side. Colonoscopy was negative . Kidneys were checked with a cystoscope
And they are fine no stones. I have no appetite weight loss constipation
Those are signs of ibs but the pain is terrible that I have to take percocet.
Can anyone help me.
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Lots of things on the differential for abdo pain. Upper abdo pain could be an gastric or duodenal ulcer, aortic aneurysm/dissection, reflux, heart attack, pancreatitis, choledocholithiasis come to mind. Your history of leaning forward relieving the pain is typical of pericarditis, but it's hard to tell from your history. Going to your ER would be a good idea.
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How long ago did you have your gall bladder removed and did they find any gallstones?  

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Well my best suggestions would be to go to the doctor, or even the ER at this point, if the pain is that severe! As far as ideas for what this may be, there are many, but only a doctor can tell you for sure what's going on, as he/she can perform the necessary physical exams, bllod wrk, or any other tests needed. He/she would also then be able to give you treatment, which of course would help. Abdominal pain is pretty much a blank slate for doctors, as the diagnosis could be anything. But my suggestion to get to the doctor quick is not just for the pain, but for your safety as well, as severe pain can also mean severe problem involving blocked blood vessels causing loss of blood flow to an organ/part of intestine, injured spleen, hernia, abdominal aorta, bowel impaction, all serious problems requiring immediate intervention. If this pain just came on, there are chances it could be for a milder reason, such as reaction to something you ate, stomache virus, or irritated ulcer. Bad as I said, serious pain can indicate serious problems, and when it comes to your body and your health, it's always good to play it safe and not to grin abd bare the pain by trying to get through it alone. If lack of insurance is a problem, there are solutions for that, especially if you go to the ER  where they can give you information about a one time visit coverage from CMS insurance. So whether you get in to see a primary doctor or go to the ER, I wish you good luck in getting treatment and hope everything goes smoothly and for the best. I'll be sending good thought and my best wishes your way! Take care :),

Sara RN
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