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what do i do if i'm having bad stomach pain?????

so i am 18 and this morning its about 3 am n my stomach started to hurt and i just tried to sleep through it and that didn't work so i looked at my clock n its about time for me to get up to get ready to go to school but then i felt like i needed to go to the bath room so i got up and ran to the bath room but nothing happened so i went to lay on my bed but long story short i felt something in my throat n i grabbed my trash can n i felt like i started to gag on something in my throat  n then i felt like throwing up and like i don't know how to explain it like its disgusting like it looked like a hair ball but it wasn't it was dark like blackish looking with a little green in it and it stinted it didn't smell  like throw up it had a sour nasty smell and there was 2 n every since this morning iv'e had egg burps and diarrhea and bad stomach pain please someone help me i'm looking it up and results are to be h pylori and iv'e had this .
many times
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Ugh, this sounds very uncomfortable.  I always head to the bathroom when I'm having such issues.  Something about giving it a go on the toilet helps me.  the position curls your stomach which is soothing (the fetal position when you have abdominal pain can give a bit of relief), I try to drink small sips of water (nothing with sugar in it as that can make it worse), eat a tums, etc.  If it gets severe, then it's time to give a doctor a call.  

Hope you feel better soon.  Let us know, okay?!
thank you and  yea i went to the doctor yesterday i have h pylori sadly :( but thank you for the help
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