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why does my sweat smell like cat pee

This is not normal for me, but has been going on for about a year.  I notice that my sweat smells like cat pee. :(  What is going on?  I am worried that my body is trying to tell me something.

only meds I take are thyroid meds (synthroid), lowertab (for pain from hern disc.) and vit D (50,000ui every 3 days)(my vit D is LOW 6 (should be around 100).
Have new issues with abnormal liver ultrasounds with slightly high liver enzyms.  (that is all I know about it as of yet.)  Doc wants to repeat test in one month.

any ideas?
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there are alot of different things that can affect your sweat forexample food hormones environment  dont worry its just sweat
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Vaginosis could be an issue.  It was for me recently.  It is easily remedied, if this is the problem.  This is bacterial, not STD.  You can get this even if you are a virgin, too.  The best remedy is the Metro Gel.  If you're prone to getting an upset stomach, don't take the pill for this.  The gel is messy, and even slightly irritating, but if vaginosis is the problem, the Metro Gel will resolve the issue in about a week.

My cousin has had this sort of problem with foul smelling sweat her whole life.  She takes multiple showers during the day because of this.  She likely has a hormone issue, because she also has hirsutism.

Just two possibilities I know about.
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I have not had that happen to me but I have a kidney disorder that is kindof like it. Hope this helps... I get kidney infections that are systemic and abscessed on a normal basis which is not good. My white cell count is very high normaly around 20,000 with an infection and my body does change in weird ways. You may have an imbalance of another vitamin or you could have something going on with your organs. Hey didn't know what was going on wih me the first time until It got to the point I was admitted to the ICU... No good. Definately keep An eye on it and keep a journal of what you are noticing! Pain, irregular odor, rebid ration, anything! Even if you are hungry more often. Also how often you shower! Your diet can also affect things like that. So be sure to keep making sure that it gets fixed! Wish you the best
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I'm not sure what cat pee smells like, however if your urine has a fruity odor that is generally due to abnormal glucose levels and insufficient insulin. The smell comes from so-called ketone bodies. I would advise you get a test called an hba1c.
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I have had this same problem for over 10 years. It recently disappeared after I removed all traces of dairy from my diet. I slipped up and ate some dairy and it came back for a little while, so I know that IS what caused it.
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