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Hello, Need an advice before surgery, didnt know where else to ask.

Male, 22.: I'm about to have a rinoplasthy for the 3rd time, this time a new doctor, the previous doctor f*'ed up my nose pretty bad, wich was 2 years ago, in these 2 years i've became to feel a chronic disorder because of my inability to breath through my nose, sleep disorders, even mental..., which i cerrently overcame, and been feeling pretty great lately, but now the surgery is about to happen and im having second thoughts, what if the new doctor screws over again, or can't handle the procedure.. i guess i'm ultimately asking if it's worth risk my mental sanity for a "possible better chance at breathing".. and probably fixing my face too would be good...

I took a sinus tomography, which i'd be glad to send to anyone interested, it looks pretty bad, and my "new doctor" said it looked complicated, but kinda seemed like he tried to play it cool.., so i could reallyy use a second word about its complexity. thanks!
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question.  It is always nerve wrecking prior to surgery and with one bad surgical outcome, I do understand your hesitation.  Sometimes rhinoplasty can go wrong.  It could be the result of a bad doctor but also could just be a betrayal by our own nose!  Meaning that  there is a variant of outcomes and it isn't always one hundred percent predictable.  

Are you having breathing difficulties?  When was your surgery.  It is recommended to wait a year post op before addressing that as by this time, you would be fully healed from the previous surgery.  Or is the issue outer appearance (which does matter, aesthetics of our face help with self esteem and that is not being vain)?  An asymmetrical appearance happens with bad rhinoplasty.  Is this the case for you? There are other outward issues as well such as a scooped nose, issues with the tip, etc.

As to the new doctor's comment that it looks complicated, rhinoplasty revision surgery often can be complicated. I would vet your doctor in terms of reputation in your area. They should be a board certified cosmetic surgeon. I would ask him how many rhinoplasty revision surgeries he does.  I would have candid discussion about your fears and goals for this surgery and get his input.  

Risks of rhinoplasty revision are the same as your first rhinoplasty except that it is indeed more complex.  You are wise not to enter it brashly.  Here is some information https://www.yourplasticsurgeryguide.com/rhinoplasty/revision-rhinoplasty/

When is your surgery scheduled for?
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