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Help, suffering at hospital, need 2nd opinion on Tunnel Wound surgery

Hi, I have a dear friend named Brittney who has suffered for months with a tunnel wound on her left buttock bear her vagina.  She is a paraplegic so she's in bed or in her chair all the time.  She had to wait weeks for a wound care doctor at a major hospital in Manchester, NH to schedule a surgery and to perform it.  They told her initially they would open up the wound, clean it out, and do plastic surgery with a skin flap after they cleaned it out.  They did the surgery yesterday, and instead of closing it up they have left a huge (softball sized!), grotesque open wound packed with gauze that goes all the way to her bone, roughly the size of a softball in diameter. They have a wound vac in place that is very uncomfortable. She is in extreme pain constantly.

She is not scheduled for plastic surgery for 6 weeks (leaving the open wound for whatever reason) and she is in horrendous pain, as well as very worried of infection.  They have her now on a vancomycin IV and they planned to send her to a skilled nursing care facility today, but she is in such agony they have held off until after the weekend.  She's used to 90 MG of oxycodone pre-surgery due to her previous pain levels, and right now they're only giving her 0.5 ml of Dilaudid every 2 hours.  What can we do to get her better care?  Also, can I send you a picture of the open wound so you can see it?  Please help, my heart is breaking for this girl.
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if they didn't close it right away and place a vac that means the wounds is not clean (infected) closing it right now will lead to an abscess and make it even worse. so it has to be open to drain all the pus and receiving antibiotics till its clean so Surgery can be done. i know it is agonizing but thats the right thing to do. pain killers and hygiene are your best bet
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