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How long should surgical site ooze liquid?

I am asking for my sister-in-law who had back surgery (single level fusion) 4 months ago and whose surgical site has not healed. I have had 4 back surgeries and all surgical sites healed in weeks, but hers continues to ooze a clear to amber liquid 4 months following the successful surgery.

She has gone back to the surgeon, and her PCP several times, and they put her on anti-biotics thinking there was possibly an infection, but now say it could be just a suture that is "tearing" at tissue inside, causing inflammation, resulting in the failure of the wound to close.

They say it's not harmful, though to keep the spot from which the liquid comes covered (it sometimes soaks her clothes or bed sheets) as it could become infected and need attention.

The site is painful, and an inconvenience, and I personally think it should be medically attended to as 4 months seems far too long to have to put up with this effect, and beside, it hurts, sometimes puffing up and becoming very tender.

It has changed her life in that she doesn't want to be caught out of the house when a major emission occurs, possibly wetting her garments and embarrassing her, not to mention the discomfort of sitting against a chair/car seat because the area is sore.

The area does not "look" like an open sore-just a place in the 99% healed incision where the fluid leaks out.

They have done several X-Rays and say the surgery/hardware was effective and still in place, and a recent MRI showed no tumor or "gross abnormality," and that it should heal in time.

What can SHE do, or how can she prod her health care physicians to do something active to stop it?

Note: She is taking Gleevec for chronic myelogenous leukemia, which has been "controlled" completely for about 3 years. I mention this in case it bears on the situation.

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