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Is Surgery likely?

I understand I am jumping the gun but just a little worried. I am in the Navy and worried about my career.  I had a small surgery performed on my right foot a little less then a year ago. It was a planter fascia release on right foot. After about a month and a half I began running and probably came back to fast and to hard.  I was experiencing a good bit of pain along side of foot. After 11 months of pain, doctors, physical therapy, two podiatrist, cortisone shots the Navy finally ordered a MRI. ***RESULTS***  bone spurs, bone marrow edema, stress fracture of 5th metatarsal,  and a partial thickness tear of my peroneus longus tendon. Thought?  Will,I need surgery?   Referral was put in for orthopedic but if your in the military it could Be a month before I get in.
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Hi there
Thank you for your service for our country. I'm sorry to hear your still in pain.  You have a fracture (break) in your small toe. I believe they would buddy tape it to your 4th toe. Bone spurs can cause pain. They are painful to have removed to but the good news is once it's gone and your recovered you shouldn't have any pain from it anymore. Tendons are either repaired or replaced with cadaver tendons. I'm not sure what the swelling (edema) in your bone marrow I know nothing about. I would say you I would think you would need surgery to repair the tendon and shave off the bone spur. I'm not a doctor and can't tell you for certain. I'm sure the ortho doc will decide whether or not you need surgery. Is there anyone you can forward the report to to get you seen sooner? Is going to the ER an option. I have no clue how the medical system works for military doctors and hospitals. Good luck getting this repaired. I hope that you can get some care soon.
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After failed conservative treatment. Surgery is recommended for the peroneal tendon repair, lateral ankle ligament reconstruction, and calcaneus ostotomy.
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