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Is my Post Surgery Recovery for Rotator Cuff on track?

After surgery for full thickness tear in Rotator Cuff and Spur removal, I feel something is not right.
After 3prescription of Oxycodine for the pain I went 5 days of not sleeping at all. Pain, figety, RESTLESS. Finally rang nurse and got Ambian to help me sleep. I am taking Ibuprofen for pain. It it is not touching it.
I am in bad burning pain still 24/7 and therapy has been regular since day 4 but really hurts during and for hours after. I still have swelling back of arm behind bicep (large lump like a backward bicep, also feels like it's swollen around shoulder/manboob on front. Even my hand is a little swollen.
I also get bad muscle spasms in my arm (like a dog shaking itself,) goes on for a few seconds and is very frequent.
It's been 8 weeks since surgery and will be another 3 weeks before I see surgeon for a check up at which time he said we would discuss me going back to work as a  Truck driver.
While 3 weeks is not long for me to get Work fit from where I am now, it's an eternity of long days and longer nights.
I have always hated taking drugs but have been on a bunch thru this.
Case of having to get thru.
Is it normal to have this swelling and pain 24/7 eight weeks post surgery?  
Last time I was pain free was last time I took Oxycodine and before therapy stepped up a big notch and went from passive to mildly aggressive.
Seems my recovery will be delayed more if there is something wrong and we wait 3 more weeks.
Forgive my Ramble. Damned tired and desperate.
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