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Is my post abdominal surgery pain and leg pain normal?

Hello. I had surgery two weeks ago to remove a very large dermoid cyst. I got a large incision. After I left the hospital I was uncomfortable, as expected but I soon noticed this pain in my upper thigh. When I walk,it hurts and feels like my muscle has been strained or or is moving and it is also tingling with the pain. After my surgeon gave me the brush off about a week after surgery, rushed me off the phone and just gave me some other pain meds, I finally went to see my GP. They checked just to make sure that it wasn't a blood clot (it wasnt) and said it may be a nerve side effect from the anesthesia. She gave me Lyrica.

This was two days ago. That night I noticed the pain near my incision was getting worse. I took the lyrica but got super confused and dizzy when going to the bathroom. But when I woke up the pain near my incision was a full on searing, hot, makes you want to throw up pain. There was also  tiny opening at the end lf my wound.

Called my surgeon again yesterday? And
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for the question but very sorry you've had to ask it.  To me, this sounds like an infection.  Searing hot and pain are warning signs of that. If this has continued 48 hours after taking your antibiotics, I would request being seen by your doctor. Recovering from surgery is going to be different for everyone.  Pain levels will vary as will people's tolerance of pain.  It has only been two weeks so a doctor may write things off to the typical recovery pain someone has.  But when you add in the issue of it being warm or hot to the touch, this makes it more concerning for infection.  https://www.webmd.com/healthy-aging/surgical-incision-healing.  This article talks about the stages of healing after surgery.  It also talks about warning signs of infection of which you have two.  Increasing pain and warmth to the touch.  Antibiotics prescribed indicates your doctor is worried about infection as well but there can be resistance to the antibiotic that has been prescribed. So, please contact your doctor to be seen again.

Let us know how you are doing.
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Sorry. I accidently pressed post before I was done.

...Surgeon gave me antibiotics. It has been three days going on the searing pain, and about  week and a half with the leg pain. I feel like Im regressing and Im not sure whay is happening with me leg.

Help. Is this normal. And whay can I do to help my leg.
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