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Nerve Sheath Tumor in Forearm.

A recent ultrasound showed i have a nerve sheath tumor on my inner, right, mid forearm.

My dr refered me to an orthapedic surgeon but ive had a nurse friend asking me about a neurosurgeon.

***Im curious what would be the correct dr to have it removed, and what are some upcoming steps i should be expecting or asking about?

-the tumor is small 7x6x3mm on my inner forearm.
-it started with a dull ache for 1 week then more intense deep bruisefeelin along with growing to the current size(small pea size)
-i am 37yo male with no prior history or surgery nor in family history.
-my current symptoms are joint pain in wrists, hands, ankles, knees and headaches, maybe just stress due to tumor.

TECHNIQUE: Grayscale and color power Doppler sonographic evaluation of the subcutaneous nodule in the right forearm was performed.

FINDINGS: There is a 7 x 6 x 3 mm hypoechoic nodule in the forearm,centered in the fascia between the flexor muscles in the subcutaneous fat. The nodule is contiguous with a peripheral nerve and is therefore consistent with a peripheral nerve sheath tumor. There is mild internal vascularity.
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Generally, there is a team of surgeons consisting of a orthopedics and a neurosurgeon. This is just in case there happens to be any bone involvement. If no bone involvement,  you should be able to consult with a neurosurgeon.
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