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Older woman desperately needs medical answers

My grandma is seventy six years old
and I am very worried for her
she is a short lady
about five foot tall
but she is overweight
I am afraid she has more wrong with her than she is telling
but this is what I got her to tell me
and her doctor doesn't seem to no what to do to fix her
here's what I got from her
she has Too much iron 
and too low of a white blood cell count
Needs both knees replaced
Tore tendon or ligament on bottom of foot 
Mouth is always dry 
she Had two hernias near her stomach 
When they did the surgery 
They only operated on the bottom one then when surgery was done 
The mesh they used to patch the hernia but they cut the colon and she was poisoned
When they operated the second hernia they did the same thing 
Then cut a hole
In her stomach to remove poison
the hole did heal but now she has a huge bulge on the front of her
which to me looks like her stomach is outside of where it should be
but still under the skin
also her Left thigh randomly goes out some times 
also in her Left eye she sees white lines 
Then vision returns later 
She has had tht for fourty years
She gets lots of spasms all around her body also
But my grandma says she feels great 
That's the scary thing
She needs alot of work done to her
but the issue I'm getting to is
she can get her foot fixed or her knees replaced or eye surgery unless she gets her iron down to normal and her white blood cell count back to normal
Please help and tell me what she should do
I don't think she has much time
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