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Pain in the knee

Was having pains in my knee when I walk so I took MRI and was told I had a partial tear but my doctor told me the knee is stable after examining it but I feel sharp pains when I walk later I was told it's anterior horn of meniscus that is injured , what are some of its symptoms
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Massage with warm castor oil before going to sleep
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Meniscus tear is a knee injury. The meniscus is a rubbery, C-shaped disc that shields our knee. A torn meniscus can obstruct your knee from right working.
There are three types of meniscus tears, each has its own symptoms.
1. Minor tear: you might have minimal swelling and pain for 2-3 weeks.
2. Moderate: you feel pain at the side and in center of knee, the swelling increases day by day, limit your tendency to bend the knee, you may feel sharp pain while bending your knee and walking. The pain come and go anytime and anywhere.
3. Extreme tears: the pain moves in joint space, you must feel you are unable to straighten your knee and pain get worst. your knee become frail, swell and stiff. The pain lasts for a long time.
If you have any of these symptoms, contact to a Orthopedist.
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appreciate this great answer!  thank you
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