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Please help my father had surgery for slipped disc,is now falling apart.

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69 year old male until surgery on slipped disc any help?
Hi my father is 69 years old, has worked hard and never taken a breath or break his whole life and likes it that way. Liked it that way, I should say. He'd never had surgery in his life, or illnesses except polio , as a child, he had to re learn how to walk. He also has bad anxiety , has taken xanax for 20 years 6 mg a day and was abruptly cut to 3 mg. I know benzodiazepine withdrawal well and it affects your whole body and mind. I had jerking muscles, seizures without knowing it, high bp, just like my dad. I think this could be part of the problem bc you never get used to a lower dose. You just don't. So he has a surgery on his lower back app a year ago. He was ok until abt 2 months in, and he started getting symptoms. He knows of two customers he had with ALS and was convinced it was ALS. Got a "possible ALS" diagnosis from one neuro and a no from another. Convinced he's dying for almost a year now. We just found out he has a seroma on his spine. Fairly large. Post operative, from what was explained to me, from surgery. I am convinced this is causing his symptoms. That he doesn't have ALS. He was diagnosed w a motor neuron disorder however. Unspecified. He was healthy and happy and active and is now having to do lung exercises and have my mom drive for him, put on his socks and shoes, it's just sad. I am no Doctor, certainly no neurologist. But I do not believe he has ALS. It seems the drs here in small town Springfield, Ohio have no better clue than us. Can anyone please shed some light on this? Thank you. Amanda.
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