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Rectocele surgery: Infection without fever and blood work fine?

So I had rectocele surgery July 31st. My Doctor informed me this was a really easy surgery. Done outpatient, and some women leave from surgery just needing ibuprofen.

I had surgery and woke up in BAD pain. They gave me all the pain meds they could, and said that was it, even though I was hurting. They took the packing out ot relieve some of the pain. When going to the bathroom, I was not able to urinate very well, hardly emptying my bladder at all. They emptied a whole liter from my bladder, and told me I should be able to go now (said I wasn't able to because it was too full). So that was that, and they sent me home.

I wasn't even home for an hour before I started bleed everywhere (as in dripping on the floor if i even pulled my underwear down to pee...filled multiple pads). It was actually gushing, like a period gush (no periods, had a hysterectomy in May). All of a sudden a HUGE clot was pass, nothing like i've ever seen in my life, literally. It looked like a human organ.

I went to the ER. The ER dr did an exam and said she didn't think packing it would stop the bleeding. She was arranging to go back to the OR and also did a test for my blood type, thinking I may need blood. They called an on call OBGYN to come in and examine me.

Before the obgyn came to see me, they decided to drain my bladder. They drained a FULL 2 LITERS from my bladder. They said i was lucky it didn't burst!!!

The on call obgyn decided she wanted to try and pack it first before trying surgery. THIS WAS THE MOST PAINFUL THING I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED, even with lots of morphine. She also informed me that herself and all the doctors at her clinic do this procedure IN PATIENT not out patient!! She said it's a major surgery, and due to pain and bleeding they always do it that way, and she admitted me to the hospital.

Everything went well, I was released the next day (so tuesday night, home around 8pm). Thursday came around and I still hadn't had a bowel movement. My dr office told me to use a suppository...did, and nothing.

Sunday came around and still nothing, so the on call dr told me to go to the ER to get relief. They sent me home with a drink to take, that patients use prior to a colonscopy. HOLY COW.  I was up until 4:30am emptying my bowels. This continued the next day, needing to go whenever I ate etc.

Tuesday came around and I was ok, and then my pain SKY ROCKETED out of no where (this was 3 days with no pain meds). Went to the ER. They treated me very well. Everyone was very empathetic. Checked for infection etc, and nothing. The dr called my dr office and spoke with an on call dr. This on call dr told her THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST PAINFUL SURGERIES THEY DO (keep in mind my dr said it was easy, outpatient, and most women just need ibuprofen) AND THAT RECOVERY IS TERRIBLE. So, based off the fact I hadn't been managing my pain, they think it sky rocketed.

I was sent home with 12 percocet, and saw my dr the next day...this is where it gets even worse. My dr tells me everything is fine, and it's a simple procedure, and THERE IS NOT REASON FOR MY PAIN AT ALL. He refused to give me anything else for pain, was surprised the ER even did, because he said there's no reason for my pain, and I shouldn't be hurting (1 week and 2 days po). I left there feeling defeated, no pain meds to get me through when the 12 ran out, no antibiotics, no answers, just told sorry, you shouldn't be hurting.

I spoke with the dr that admitted me, and she said there MOST CERTAINLY would still be pain, as it's a major surgery and 6 week recovery. I emailed with my dr, and finally after telling him I might go somewhere else, he decided to give me a prescription for pain meds (not because im suffering, but because i was leaving, im pretty sure about that). Also started me on flow max since my bladder STILL isn't working right.

Friday it felt like i had been kicked down there. The pain friday (after i bent over to grab something) now goes all the way back to my anus and feels like everything is just torn up. Ive had really bad back pain, sharp pains through my stomach, constant throbbing down below, and the pain just seems to be spreading every day, and still hurts even with narcotics.

Went to the ER saturday after talking to the on call dr at my clinic.  She thought I should have stitches checked. The DR at the er refused to do a pelvic exam and said I wouldn't have any stitches. Terrible experiences, he had no interest in treating me.

As of today sunday, I have had diahreah since friday. Pain is getting worse every day instead of better. Diahreah is coming out even when I am not aware (I got up out of bed to pee and then when wipeing there was poop).  I took a 4 hour nap, got up and went upstairs to check in the thermostat. In the hallway, everything started going fuzzy and black. I was able to make it to my room to sit down. My hearing then was totally messed up for over 5 minutes (could hardly hear anything, like something was covering my ears).  I have had on and off headaches as well, not appetite, and having to use zofran daily.

I have no clue what might be going on. Everyone says blood work is fine and no infection.
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Let me just tell you----  NO surgery should be underestimated!  There can always be complications and everyone reacts differently to invasive procedures, surgeries and pain.  This sounds quite traumatic and disturbingly minimized prior to your having the surgery.  How are you doing now?
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