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Surgical Adhesions?

I am a 33 year old woman and I've had 5 open abdominal surgeries.  The last surgery I had was in Sept. 2008.  Over the past few months I've been having some problems that never really happened before....  first off, I've been having a lot of on-and-off abdominal pain.  I've been having fewer and fewer bowel movements - I think the longest I went without a BM was close to 2 weeks and I was VERY uncomfortable!  I've also had changes in my monthly cycle but I'm not sure if that's related to anything that would be going on in my abdominal area.  A friend of mine mentioned abdominal adhesions as a possible cause to the pain/bowel movement issues so I looked up a little info on it and it seems like a possibility since I've had 5 open surgeries.  What are your thoughts?  Has anyone experienced this after surgery?  What are the treatment options?  Thanks!
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One more thing I forgot to ask in my previous post -- where do I go from here?  What kind of doctor should I see about this?  I was going to set up an appt with an obgyn but I'm not sure if that's who I should see...  Thanks again ~
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Dear Lovethe sun
In view of previous five surgeries, your symptoms are highly suggestive of Adhesions. CECT scan will be the best investigation for you (contrast enhanced ct scan of abdome). Surgery is only done if adhsions are progressive (it happens in few cases only) and obstruction becomes acute (you are not able to pass gas or stool) because repeat adhsions after surgery is common.
You can consult a gastrosurgeon or a general surgeon
best wishes
DR Tewari (India)
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Gynaecogolist can not help you
Good luck
Dr Tewari
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Thank you for your insight and suggestions!  They are much appreciated!
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