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Thumb ligament surgery in 2hours

Last night stupidly cut hand w beer bottle they did stitches

Today plastic surgeon to fix ligament

I cant bend thumb to Palm please help.
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Oh no.  Well, you say surgery in 2 hours? You cut your ligament?  I'm a little confused what you are asking.  Have you seen the doctor (wouldn't think a plastic surgeon was who you'd go to but they certainly could do the surgery.  Orthopedic seems a better match to me though)?  It's been several hours since you posted.  How did it go? Did they tell you what the surgery would entail?
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Im in Colombia. They call It plastic surgeon. Seems like Dr Flores was the right guy

Yes It Is the Day after and feeling okay. They added an elastic string to my thumb keeping It bent
Both ligamento were severed and nerve damage but i think they did goid

Thanks for response it is appreciated
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Oh great!  I'm glad you feel the doctor was right for this situation and did a great job. You may need something called 'physical therapy' after and this would be someone who gets you back up and running with stretching and strength exercises.  Are you in much pain?
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Some discomfort and immobilty , i feel better after surgery more whole. My thumb Is held bent by elastic and 10 times hour im supposed to exercise by straightening the thumb for 5 seconds
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How is it going? Did it get more painful as the weekend went on?  Hopefully it is better.  
About the same. Its an adjustment. I returned to USA i am with family...   that feels good
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