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Time being without blood thinner before and after suregry

Mom (79) Type 2 diabetic, with lymphedema and risk of thrombosis, on a blood thinner, was taken to the ER due to severe stomach pains. The following day coloscopy was performed and ischemic colitis in the large intestine was discovered, but without blood clot, and the low-grade colon cancer was also found. She was sent home to wait an surgery, and since August 6, Xarelto (blood thinner) had to be stopped. Three days later, on August 9, surgery was succefully performed. From August 10, patient was in intensive care recovery, and no blood thinner was given. On August 17 (Friday), she was transferred to the other hospital in to nursing department, sutures still not removed. The surgeon did not order blood thinner as medication, and when we asked about Xarelto (blood thinner) from nurses, they told that blood thinner was not in list of her medications. Her doctor would have been able to see patient only on Tuesday. On Tuesday, August 21, mother suffered very severe pain in her abdomen, and the condition became critical, she was taken to the ER, and emergency surgery was performed. It was discovered that blood clot blocked the artery of small intestine and it failed. The surgery was diagnostic, they considered her status hopeless and mother died on 23. August ...

The question is: Was the length of time being without blood thinner, before and after the surgery, normal for such an high-risk patient?
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First, I want to tell you how very sorry I am to hear this.  Losing a mother is a great loss and especially when not expected like in your situation.  It's been a bit of time but am sure you are still healing and in shock over this loss.

It's hard to say.  It's a precarious position with blood thinners and surgery.  She needed surgery and the her blood needs to clot for that for her to heal. However, then preventing clots.  I think factors are used to determine how long to be off her blood thinners such as bleeding during the surgery, if follow up care will require anything else invasive, etc.  But it definitely should have been more on the radar of her doctors and nursing staff!  The med she was on is out of the system quickly, like 2 to 3 days max---  so they stopped it appropriately but did they wait too long to restart post surgery?  I'm not sure but perhaps.  

Very difficult situation.  You should feel free to ask the doctors involved!  My mom died due to a medical 'misadventure' (kid you not, that is what it was called in the medical examiner's report) which is code for doctor error.  She was quite young and in good health prior.  Things happen.  And you, as the loved one, have every right to ask questions!  

How are you doing now?
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