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Top jaw surgery recovery

Okay so a bit about the surgery. - surgery was done on the 8th June 2015. Lasted 2hours.
Top jaw only. Moved forward 6mm, up 2mm, to the side 1mm (unsure which direction).
Complications - sinus infections. Sinus infection at 4week mark got into the jaw causing permanent swelling/hole next to the left roof side of the jaw (sealed at 8weeks on its own).

Last week other half and I had a small collision of heads, the top of his head to the top of my cheek. Very soft bump but enough to bruise and make a lot of pain.

The sharp pain along the area up and down my cheek on the side that was bumped, swelling is up and down still limiting my movement/activities.
Also have pain on the inside of my mouth roughly where the pins are(mostly felt when trying to brush my teeth).

Question is. Should I be feeling this much pain?

The surgeon said a few weeks ago I was still sensitive around the surgical sites (although I don't feel them too much unless poked at by implements)

Soo little information to find online about it. And the support group I have are all saying different things.

(I do expect the odd twinge and stabbing pain, random bits of swelling etc. But this is out of the norm from the previous few months healing and pain levels. I've already had to go back to the surgeon several times for the sinus infections and a deviated septum, which is sorting itself and will be checked on in march)

Thanks in advance.
PS I've been taking 30mg - 60mg codeine when it gets particularly bad which is nearly every day atleast once, though I try to keep away from it as much as possible.
Worst when trying to sleep. Using a travel pillow with polystyrene beads in it to help
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I'm sorry to hear about all the complications you've had. I would say anytime you have out of the norm pain you should call your doctor. I know you said you've been seen several times already but you really should be seen again!!
Please give him a call....better to make sure everything's ok.   Good luck & I hope you feel better soon!!

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