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Tunnels after surgery

I recently had surgery under both of my arms for hidradenitis supprativa because of chronic MRSA infections. Within 10 days my incision opened even with the stitches in. It eventually healed then about a month later It opened up again, was draining then it started bleeding very bad. I also think I have a tunnel. It feels like a cord going from my incision down my arm. Whats a tunnel ? How can I tell I have one ? Is it anything to be worried about ? I called my surgeon and the nurse didn't  seem that concerned. She said she thought it was a trapped hematoma that caused it to open back up and bleed. Any info would be greatly appreciated !
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If it is a tunnel you need to have it checked out right away. When I measure a patient for tunnels i use a steril q-tip. You feel around the open area, and feel for openings to a tunnel. The huge problem is if it is a tunnel, especially if it had contact with MRSA, the wound can close and appear to be healed. The whole time you may have a raging infection under the skin. Eventually the skin will break back open, by that time you may end up dealing with huge ulcers. Before it opened what color was the skin? Also if the skin is ever reddish or purple when you press on it it should lose the color for a second. If it doesn't yu probably have something going on under the skin.
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Hi ! Thanks for your help and information. My incision opened the first time on day 8 postop. I had stitches in and it broke through vivathose...I had green/yellow discharge from the incision. The surgeon thought it was probably more MRSA infection. It eventually healed then I noticed the skin of the incision was black/dark blue. This was about 4-6 weeks postop. At this time the incision opened again and bleed a lot. The drainage was green/yellow/bloody. I also felt a cordlike feeling going from my incision down my arm. I called the surgeons office and the nurse said it was probably a trapped hematoma breaking away. Now a few  weeks later I have multiple sore, reddish swollen bumps along the incision..which I think is a return of the MRSA/ hydranenitis supprativia There is also a very small part of the incision that's open. How can I tell if I have tunnels that are healed ? What do they feel like ? I either have something going on or there is a marked degree of scar tissue also. Thanks again for your assistance.
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