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having severe anxiety about upcoming surgery, help! :(

hi :) i'm a 35 yrs. old and found out recently i need surgery. there is a "suspicious" mass found either on or near one of my ovaries, they are calling it an "adnexal mass". well, it could be cancerous so, obviously it needs to come out! so far my blood tests, pap, etc have all come back normal. though, you never know for sure until removing the mass whether it is benign or not. i understand this, but because i suffer from anxiety disorder, i can't seem to fathom going under anesthesia/having surgery of any kind!

i am pretty healthy~ no problems physically other than i am considered *obese*, so that scares me, too. i also fear the worst case scenario & fear my weight puts me at higher risk for something bad happening. i've had friends & family, (my obgyn also) tell me "everything will be fine! you are healthy & young!" but it doesn't seem to be helping. i kind of am looking for an unbiased answer to my worries.
is there really not much to worry about, the whole "going under" deal? should i stop freaking out? or are my worries justified w/ my weight & all? any honest response would be really appreciated! thank you <3
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Take magnesium. Having had this deficiency it worsened after surgery and I didn't know what all my symptoms were due to for TWO years! Magnesium deficiency symptoms include anxiety btw. Check out the article - Do You Need More Magnesium? 10 Signs to Watch For. I had a 25 cm ovarian cyst removed a few years back. I was so sick I was more than ready for the surgery to be over with!
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Curious if you had the surgery and how it went? I am in the same boat and suffer from general anxiety disorder and am terrified of the whole process of surgery.
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