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rectal prolapse

I'm 25. The age of 16 suffer from feeling.'s Something coming out from the anus while I'm in the bathroom and then return back when I finished the bathroom. I did test the colon with a camera and the doctor said everything was fine in the intestine. What problem can be, is it a drop of the colon. I still feel like something out from the anus while I sit in the bathroom
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Dear Mike,
It could be a rectal polyp/ or grade II piles. Colonoscopy is not good for rectum (it is or colon) if doctor is not very careful, ur problem is in rectum. Consult a surgeon or a gastroenterologist and ask for "proctoscopy".
Best wishes
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I did the test proctoscopy The doctor said everything was fine.Could it be a prolapsed rectum or a prolapsed mucosa. Understood to see what my problem has to do Edpkogerpia what exactly this test, thanks a lot for answers
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Yes, it is difficult to diagnose a partial prolapse of rectum. It should be examined at the time of straining. There is no test called edpkogerpia.
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I was wrong the name of the test, the test is called Defecography

What exactly is this test, what do you think the chances that I had a prolapsed rectum or a prolapsed mucosa

Thanks for answers
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this a just like examining at the time of defecation but this is more scintific as we get complete picture or the area during defecation. In your case this test will be helpful
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Thanks for the answers. But do not you tell me your opinion. What are the chances that I had a prolapsed rectum or a prolapsed mucosa or maybe could be something else
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